Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is applicable across this website. The policy explains how we collect, use and of course, protect any information you may give us when you use this site. We are required to inform you of such information by law, so we’ll endeaver to keep it short and clear. Any information you provide when using this site aligns with the policy detailed here and will not be used in any other form by us or anyone else.


The information we collect

Throughout the site the only personal information we collect is via the form on the ‘Jobs’ page when applying for positions, the ‘Ice cream cakes’ page when submitting a request for a bespoke order, and the Gift Vouchers page after paying for an order. The data collected from these is as follows:
Jobs form: name, address, email, telephone number, date of birth, sex, nationality and prior employment.

Ice cream cakes form:  name, email, telephone number.

Gift vouchers: once you complete the checkout process in Paypal, we receive an email from Paypal with your name, address and email, and the gift voucher recipient’s name and address.

Why we collect this information and what we do with it

The information gathered on the Jobs form enables us contact you and make employment decisions. The information gathered via the Ice Cream Cakes form and via the Gift voucher email enables us to fulfill your orders and communicate with you regarding the order. We do not sell or give away your details to any third party unless required to do so by law.

Data safety

In collecting data, we am required to ensure it is secure from theft or information disclosure. To do so we have in place security measures to protect gathered information so you need not worry about such risks.

Cookie policy

Our favourite cookies are the ones we make, and the ones mentioned below are sadly not edible. A cookie on this site and any other is a tiny file stored on your device used by almost any site you visit to help with data analysis or help provide you information on recurring site visits etc. We only use of cookies on this website to collect anonymous statistics regarding which pages are being visited and how users interact with the site. This helps us improve our site and connect with customers more effectively. This information is purely for data analysis and is anonymous. By agreeing to these cookies you or your data is not at any greater risk.

Cookie acceptance is browser/device dependent and is most likely switched on. By checking your browser settings, you can alter this if you wish.

Policy updates and refusal
By using this site and submitting any forms present, you agree to the terms as laid out here. You can be reassured in knowing data will only be collected and used only as previously mentioned. Should your personal information change, or you believe we can contact you in a better format then please email us at If you do not agree with the terms and do not wish to parcipate or have done previously but now wish to have your data erased. Please contact us on Our privacy policy may change from time to time as the site evolves. Any alterations in data collection or use will be reflected here. You should check here regularly to ensure you are happy with these terms.