Ice Cream Cakes

Our made-to-order Ice Cream Cakes are a true G&D’s experience, as they consist of our homemade brownie base topped with three layers of ice cream flavours of your choice. Ice Cream Cakes serve between 16-20 people and are £40 each, with an additional £5 for customised messages.

Ice cream cakes by GD cafe

Each G&D’s shop has ‘stock cakes’ (Vanilla, Super Chocolate, Daim Bar Crunch) available, which you can reserve in advance and pay for on collection. We can add personalised messages to stock cakes with sufficient notice (ideally 5 days), but we’ll do our best to accommodate a short notice request (please email us). 

If you’d like to order a bespoke cake, please fill out the form below. Our current lead time is 10 days for the flavours specified below, and up to 28 days for other flavours. We may be able to accommodate other request flavours sooner, so please email us

  • We require 10 days for named flavours and up to 28 days for ‘Other Flavour’ requests.
    Enter ‘Other Flavour’ requests in the ‘Special Instructions’ box below.

    All ice cream cakes contain GLUTEN, EGGS, MILK and TRACES of other allergens including NUTS. Individual ice cream flavours may contain additional allergens. Please call the George and Davis shop on 01865 516652 for specific allergen information on your desired ice cream cake flavours.

    Please use this space for ‘Other Flavour’ requests and cake messages.