GandD's Cafe

G&D’s Ice Cream

imageIce Cream was the first thing on the menu and it remains at the heart of the business - it is the ultimate feel-good food. We are committed to making the best ice cream, with the highest quality creams, eggs, cane sugar and the finest natural flavours available (e.g. Mexican vanilla and Belgian chocolate). These basic ingredients and our special ‘slow turn, quick freeze’ technique yield a richer, creamier product with superior taste and texture. All of our ice cream is made on the premises and we do not use any artificial flavours, preservatives or additives.

Two months after we started making ice cream, the Ice Cream Alliance, the national ice cream manufacturers association, conducted a National Taste Competition and voted G&D’s the best ice cream in its class.

Some people think that our ice cream is a little bit expensive because a single portion sells for more than £2.00 and because newsagents sell something called ‘ice cream’ for less. Our ice cream costs more because our ingredients cost more - because we make real ice cream. Not only do we use the best ingredients, we do not fluff-up our ice cream with lots of air, which many other companies do. Our ice cream cannot be compared with the artificial concoctions sold in many newsagents or supermarkets. At G&D’s you get what you pay for. Elsewhere you may find that you pay for what you don’t get!

Our ice cream is a fundamental part of our made-to-order ice cream cakes.

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