GandD's Cafe


imageOur friendly counter staff are not only experts at smiling and scooping ice cream, they are also trained baristas. We use ethically-sourced coffee and state-of-the-art coffee machines in all three of our shops, locally delivered milk, and,unlike the big corporate coffee companies which seem to be invading all towns and cities, we promise to never, ever burn our milk! Which means you can enjoy a guilt-free, delicious cup of coffee in any one of our cafés.

Of course, we do incorporate our ice cream into some of our drinks, both hot and cold. Our signature drinks are the Mad Cow and Holy Cow, which include a scoop of steamed ice cream in either coffee (Mad) or hot chocolate (Holy). You’ve got twelve flavours of ice cream to choose from daily, and our counter staff are happy to make suggestions, but we find that our customers have tastes of their own…a Bananarama Mad Cow has to be one of the strangest we’ve seen!

imageWe make milkshakes from two scoops of ice cream, which means you can have up to two flavours in every shake. We also make an ‘Icespresso’, which is a combination of a double espresso, two scoops of ice cream (one of these is blended with some milk), whipped cream, and some M&Ms for good measure. For those looking for something less creamy, we have the refreshing G&D’s Freeze, which is a scoop of sorbet blended with lemonade.

Soya or semi-skimmed milk and decaf coffee are available free of charge, and our counter staff are happy to do everything to your taste – so let us know if you’d like something warmer, colder, creamier… we’ll do our best to make you happy!

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