GandD's Cafe


imageWhen we chose to expand our menu from simply ice cream and drinks to include food we wanted something really different. At the time when they were introduced to our menu back in 1992 they were pretty hard to come by… so much so we had to work with a local artisan baker to develop our own recipe.  Even though we were having to explain what a bagel was to most of our customers we knew they would be popular.  Our bagels are made in the traditional way; made over several days and properly poached. They contain no artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives. Much like our Ice cream and baked goods. Our dream one day is to bake them ourselves on our premises… watch this space.

Bagels can be served in many different ways. Typically bagel sandwiches are toasted then filled with your choice of meats or cheeses or vegetarian fillings. In addition to sandwiches we also use them as a base for our pizza bagels, which are covered in a pizza sauce, topping choice and mozzarella cheese. Pizza bagels are grilled and served warm with a side salad. For breakfast we serve our bagels either with two poached eggs in a bagel sandwich or with three eggs scrambled. You also have a choice of add ons which include bacon, Melted Swiss cheese, Smoked salmon or sautéed mushrooms.

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