GandD's Cafe


G&D’s is the affectionate moniker that refers individually and collectively to our ‘boutique’ ice cream production facility and three ‘Ice Cream Cafés’ based in Oxford, England.  G&D’s specialises in high-quality natural ice-cream and in providing bright, colourful, friendly and unpretentious café spaces that serve quality food and beverages including bagels, salads and freshly roasted coffee.

imageThe first Ice Cream Café, called ‘George and Davis’, opened in the summer of 1992 in Little Clarendon Street, Oxford. In November 2001, the second Ice Cream Café, called ‘George and Danver,’ opened on the corner of Pembroke Street and St Aldates (opposite Christ Church College). In December 2007, the third Ice Cream Café, called ‘George and Delila’ opened in the Cowley Road in the former Blackwells Publishers building across the street from the Ultimate Picture Palace cinema. Each café is a separate limited company and is intended to have its own personality yet share certain fundamentals. Regarding the naming of the cafés, the ‘George’ is George Stroup, the founder of G&D’s who lives in Oxford and has overseen G&D’s development since it was a twinkle in his eye (as it were).There is much speculation regarding identities of Delila, Davis, Danver and the next ‘D’ and as a tribute to some of the great stories we’ve heard over the years and to encourage more creative rumination, we’re not telling.

imageThe Ice Cream Café in Little Clarendon street houses our ice cream production facilities. This is where we experiment with and perfect the ice cream and sorbets flavours that we serve in our cafés. The production centre has been the birthplace of some flavour masterpieces (too many to mention), ground-zero for a few culinary wipe-outs (notably an infamous batch of avocado ice cream) and ever so rarely (ahem) the venue for some extracurricular antics including an impromptu body slide competition precipitated by the accidental spillage of a special order of 30+ litres of Strawberry Frozen Daiquiri. (The competition was won a by scantily clad member of women’s Blue Boat [or was it the WLRC?].)

Watch out for our delivery bikes zooming around town piled high with fresh ice cream and our other home-made products. All of our bakery items are made on the premises of the Pembroke Street Café (George and